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SuiteQL Using Custom Roles

By Dave Weiss, Published on October 9th, 2021
Tags: SuiteTalk REST SuiteQL

Out of the hundreds of permissions available on NetSuite roles, just one unlocks the ability to query Transactions in SuiteQL.

Do yourself a favor when trying to use SuiteQL via NetSuite REST web services...

Use one of the standard REST roles as your starting point for your custom role and REMOVE permissions not needed for that role. Often, NetSuite technical and administrative resources go in the opposite direction - we create roles from scratch to get to the minimum permissions needed for the role's task.

However, hunting for just the 1 right permission to unlock querying the Transactions table was a 1/2 day chore that could have been avoided by using a standard REST role and removing the other unnecessary permissions.

BTW, the 1 permission needed is...

'Find Transaction'.