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Solving the Missing Related Records Tab Mystery for Custom NetSuite Roles

By Dave Weiss, Published on January 14th, 2022
Tags: NetSuiteERP

When creating a custom role in NetSuite for a Project Manager, the Related Records tab on a Project was not visible. However, the Related Records tab WAS visible from a Sales Order. Why?

As it turns out, a custom role requires a very specific permission that is not terribly intuitive. The very first place you'd look is on the Transactions tab of the custom role to make sure you have permission to view all the transaction types you'd expect to see on the Related Records tab on a Project: Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, Purchase Orders, etc.

If those permissions exist, you'd think the tab would be displayed along with the related transactions.

No so.

You need to add the Lists -> Financial History permission to the custom role. Once you do that, log out and log back in with the role, and now you'll see the Related Records tab.