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Migrating or Importing Credit Card Charges to NetSuite

By Dave Weiss, Published on October 17th, 2021
Tags: SuiteTalk REST Quickbooks

Recently, I had to migrate credit card charges into NetSuite from Quickbooks. Your options for doing this are limited. Here are your options.

  1. Import the credit card charges via CSV import. The usual challenges apply - the 25K row limit and the file size limit imposed by NetSuite.
  2. Use SuiteTalk (REST) web services to access the 'creditcardcharge' record. But beware, this is one of the record types only available if you have access to the BETA program for REST web services.

The Credit Card Charge object is not supported in the SOAP API. I chose option 1 because the account I'm working with does not have access to the BETA.