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Get NetSuite Customizations via the SuiteTalk API

By Dave Weiss, Published on November 14th, 2021
Tags: SuiteTalk Code

I often see questions posted on various forums asking how to determine what customizations exist within a NetSuite account. Here's how you do it...

I'm using the Spaulding Ridge SuiteTalk connector for PHP to show you how this is done. The connector is an object-oriented, easy to understand and utilize solution that makes interacting with SuiteTalk a breeze.

First, you execute the "getCustomizationId" method within the API. That method will return an array of customization references. You can simply loop through the array and perform a "get" operation on each element. Of course, I've included a check of the "Status" returned in NetSuite's response to each call to make sure the call returned successfully. You could alternatively execute a "getList" operation, passing in an array of recordRef objects.


        if (
$cfs->getStatus()->getIsSuccess()) {
getCustomizationRef() as $cf
$gr = new GetRequest(
$cf->getInternalId(), null$cf->getType()
$rr $this->client->get($gr)->getReadResponse();
                if (